Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Otaku 5-0 Season 2: Episode 11

Aloha everybody!

For this episode of Otaku 5-0, Mr. A and myself are joined by Neko-X (the podcast Video Game & Blu-ray Contributor). On an eerily fortuitous note, The Hawai'i Video Gaming League (which Neko-X founded and currently serves as its Commissioner) was featured on an evening news segment for KHNL, our local NBC affiliate.

The news segment on the Hawai'i Video Gaming League can be seen here.

On behalf of the staff at Otaku 5-0, I would like to congratulate Neko-X on a job well done, and wish him continued success in the future.

Totoro (Executive Producer)

WARNING! Portions of this podcast contain mature language and adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

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Show Notes
Otaku 5-0: Episode 2.11

Recording Date: April 27, 2009
Running Time: 79 minutes

Totoro (Executive Producer)

Mr. A (Lead Contributor)
Neko-X (Video Game/Blu-ray Contributor)

1. Totally Random Statement (Neko-X)

2. Lead-in (Totoro)

3. Interview spot: Neko-X, Otaku 5-0 Video Game/Blu-ray Contributor & Commissioner of the Hawai'i Video Gaming League

4. Sequels That Shouldn't Have Been Made

5. Random Chatter: Video games

6. Casting Couch: Punch Out - The Major Circuit

7. X Reasons Why... The Xbox 360 is the best current-gen console

8. Random Chatter: Summer movie preview, movies we hope to see

9. Lead-out (Totoro)

Musical Notes
- Post-Disclaimer Theme: "Catch-nyaa" from Ah! My Goddess
- Opening Theme: "Kefka's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
- Interstitial Clips: "I'll Do It Right!" from Naruto, "Subtitle" from Full Metal Panic!, "Pre-Title" from His & Her Circumstances, "Catch-boon" from Ah! My Goddess
- Ending Theme: "Breach of Contract" from Ah! My Goddess

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kekumanshoyu said...

Wow this was posted early!

I was wondering about Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. I do want to buy it because Wing Zero is also my fave gundam and I wanna try it out.

I was also wondering if you guys seen the DB Evolution movie. If you guys did, I wanna hear your opinions because I kind of want to watch it to possibly get a good laugh or see if there's anything impressive.

Again keep up the good work guys :D

Kira said...

I'm a huge Star Trek fan ( case in point: my mom thinks she's even a bigger fan than I am, and is always annoyed when I can summarize any TNG, TOS, DS9, VOY episode after watching 2 minutes of it). After seeing the previews, I can't say I'm all that thrilled with the new Star Trek film. I personally liked all the Star Trek movies to date, even though there was some movement away from what I often considered the core Star Trek themes, with the worst offender being Nemesis. I actually imagine hard core Star Trek fans may end up boycotting this film.

As for Dynasty Warrior's thing, I completely agree. It's kind of like buying the latest Final Fantasy RPG from SquareSoft. If you're not into a mostly linear, but epic storyline, then the meta-universe isn't really for you. It's a visual novel type of game, so just live with it.

Dragon Ball: Evolution <=> Pulling my own Tonsils out with a crowbar.