Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. A's review of.....Wild Zero

The Story
Rock 'n' Roll slacker Ace doesn't have a whole lot of things going for him. He can't play guitar, his motorcycle is a piece of crap, and he just got the ever-loving heck knocked out of him at a Guitar Wolf show. On the up side though, Ace just became rock 'n' roll blood-brothers with Guitar Wolf's front man (oddly enough, named Guitar Wolf) and he's also met a rather adorable girl named Tobio.
Ahh, young love.
BUT LOOK OUT!!! Aliens have decided to stop by and take over the planet! And the best way to do that is to start turning people into flesh-craving zombies!
Will Ace and the members of Guitar Wolf be able to save the day? Who is the mysterious Tobio? And why does fire shoot out of EVERYTHING?

The Review
First off, this film was made for around $50,000 US so forgiveness is a must. The acting is average overall, though there are a few moments when Endo Masashi (Ace) shows that he's actually got some kind of acting chops. The soundtrack is epic if you like the whole "Jet Rock 'n' Roll" style (think old-school punk rock, just louder), but is just random nail-curling noise if you don't. The action is over the top and comical, which actually makes the film better. Camera work is so-so, not brilliant, but no where near as bad as Tetsuo.

The Verdict
With a crap script, a dedicated crew, and an "I don't give a sh*t" attitude, Wild Zero is actually a pretty fun movie. If you're a fan of zombie movies then by all means give this one a shot. If you're looking for story lines that make any lick of sense, stay far, far away from this. I personally will watch this one again from time to time.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go shout "ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!" while riding my freaked-out motorcycle.

Jaa mata,
Mr. A
(Executive producer, rock 'n' roller)

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