Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. A's review of...The Social Network

The Story
Harvard undergrad Mark Zuckerberg has just been dumped by his girlfriend Erica Albright. Any normal person would go home, get drunk, and go to bed. Thing is, Mark isn't normal. Heading back to his dorm, Mark gets drunk off his ass and decides to create a website where people can rate the hotness of various Harvard undergrads. Having no unified listing of all student pictures, Mark hacks into the various resident hall's student listings, or "face books" and creates his website. Popularity of the site skyrockets and within two hours it receives over 22,000 hits and crashes the Harvard web servers.
Taking an interest in these events, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, twin members of Harvard's rowing team, approach Mark with an idea to create a Harvard-exclusive social networking site. Inspired by their idea, Mark sets out to create a similar site called "The Facebook." With the help of his best friend Eduardo Saverin the two begin work on what would soon be the biggest social revolution known to man.

The Review
This is probably the best film I've seen in a long time. It's part of my top ten films of all time (which I'll get to at a later date). The story is well crafted and the acting is impressive. Justin Timberlake shows his incredible talent as the villainous Sean Parker. From the second he jumps on screen you can't help but hate him. Brenda Song breaks away from her bubbly Disney characters by playing the first Facebook psycho. There is very little down time in this film and the story will keep you riveted to your seat.

The Verdict
After seeing this movie TWICE, I must say that this is a HEFTY movie. Not necessarily in length, but because there is so much story to absorb. This is not a "popcorn" movie by any means, you actually have to sit down and watch it. And make sure you take some friends with you because you WILL be talking about it afterwards. With a surprisingly good soundtrack to back the film, incredible actors, and a modern-day story that almost anyone can get behind and understand, The Social Network will not disappoint.

Perfect 10/10

Before I go, there is one last thing I'd like to say about this film. Much like how American Graffiti defined the 50's and Saturday Night Fever defined the 70's, I believe that when our children and our children's children look back, this film will define our generation. Not many films can say that. We stood and, for better or for worse, we caused a revolution.

Jaa mata,
Mr. A

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