Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Otaku 5-0 Season 3: Episode 9

Aloha everybody!

On this episode of Otaku 5-0, the "Big Three" (i.e. Totoro, Mr. A & Jupiter) are joined by Anime/Manga Contributor Kira (who presents his 3rd contributor report for this season) and Videogame/Blu-ray Contributor Neko-X (who had nothing else better to do. LOL)

On a scheduling note, I announced a few weeks ago that our next audio commentary will be for The Rocketeer, but that choice may have to be reconsidered, because I am having trouble finding people to sit on the commentary panel. Stay tuned though, because I am still trying to make it happen.

In the meantime, please enjoy the fruit of our labors!

~Totoro (Executive Producer)

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Show Notes
Otaku 5-0: Episode 3.9

Recording Date: October 5, 2009
Running Time: 74 minutes

Jupiter (Executive Producer)

Totoro (Executive Producer)
Mr. A (Executive Producer)
Kira (Anime & Manga Contributor)
Neko-X (Videogame & Blu-ray Contributor)

1. Bad Joke of the Day (Mr. A)

2. Lead-in (Jupiter)

3. Anime & Manga Report (Kira)

4. Great Debate: Tenchi Muyo! or Love Hina

5. X Reasons Why... Final Fantasy Is The Best RPG Game Franchise

6. Good Sequel, Bad Sequel

7. Lead-out (Jupiter)

Musical Notes
- Opening Theme: "Kefka's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
- Interstitial Clips: "Afternoon of Konoha" from Naruto, "Subtitle" from Full Metal Panic!, "Eyecatch" from Revolutionary Girl Utena, "Frog's Theme" from Chrono Trigger
- Ending Theme: "Opening Theme" from Tenchi Muyo!

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Coming Soon...
Our next podcast episode!

1 comment:

Jason said...

When and where do you record the podcast?? I'll jump in on the Rocketeer commentary! If my schedule permits of course, I assume that's why it's hard to round up a bunch of people to do it.

- JaM (aka Moses aka that guy Mr. A sees at the mall all the time aka The Doctor)