Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr. A's review of...ZOMBIELAND

Exodia, everyone! It's time for a totally awesome movie review!!!
After seeing this film for the second time I figured that I had enough info to pull together a decent review...

The Story
Thanks to an infected hamburger from a Gas 'n Gulp, a zombie plague sweeps across the North American continent. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), a typical nerd with numerous phobias is journeying from Austin back to his home town (Columbus, hence his nickname) to see if his family is still alive. He meets up with Tallahassee (guess where he's from?), an over-the-top Yosemite Sam (Woody Harrelson) struggling not only to stay alive in a country full of Zombies but to find and consume a Twinkie. The pair are soon joined by Wichita (super-hottie Emma Stone) and Little Rock (the ever-immaculate Abigail Breslin), con-artist siblings who give our heroes a warm welcome by stealing their truck as well as all their weapons (Noooooo! Not the Puma Model 92 lever-action rifle!) in order to make it to Pacific Playland, a Disney World knock-off on the edge of Los Angeles.

The Review
Overall this is a good movie. There is some gore scattered throughout the film, but for the most part this is a comedy. The acting is pretty good and the dialogue drives our heroes through this bruised and battered world. As for story...there isn't much of one. But in it's defense, if there ever was a REAL zombie outbreak it would be all helter-skelter anyway and a storyline would be the last thing you'd be worrying about.

The Verdict
I wouldn't say this is the greatest film on Earth, but it does have it's moments (did I mention how hot Emma Stone was?). Maybe not worth watching twice in the theaters like I did, but worth the price of a matinee ticket anyway. 7/10

So that's it. Short, sweet, and to the point. I'll be posting more reviews in the future so keep a sharp eye out!

Jaa matta,
Mr. A (Executive Zombie-Killer)

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Totoro said...

Nice review, Mr. A!

I can't wait to hear your take on the upcoming Astro Boy movie.

Keep up the good work!