Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Audio Podcast: Season 6, Episode 1

Episode 92 out of 100

Aloha everybody!

After what seems an eternity, our crack team of eccentric podcasters return for yet another season of entertainment-themed discussion and random hilarity!

But first, a little house-keeping. I would like to thank everyone who voted in the numerous polls that we posted during our hiatus. Here's a brief rundown:

-Ninjas defeated Pirates, 8-4
-Our Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece poll ended in a surprising 3-way tie! (1 vote each)
-Inception was our pick for the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Drama), but congrats to the eventual winner The Social Network!
-Our XBox 360 (1 vote) vs. Wii (4 votes) vs. PlayStation 3 (4 votes) resulted in a split decision.
-The Empire Strikes Back was the runaway favorite film in the Star Wars saga!

Additionally, we would like to wish all our fans (both new and old) a very prosperous year in 2011, with the hope that you continue to take a little bit of time out of your daily lives to hang out with us on The Otaku 5-0 Show.

So, please sit back and enjoy the fruit of our labors!

~Totoro (Executive Producer)

WARNING! Portions of this podcast contain mature language and adult content. Listener discretion is advised!

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Show Notes
The Otaku 5-0 Show's Audio Podcast: Episode 6.1

Recording Date: February 7, 2011
Running Time: 85 minutes

Totoro (Executive Producer)
Mr. A (Executive Producer)
Jupiter (Executive Producer)
Maka (Producer)
Jam (Producer)
Peeps (Producer)
Gypsy (Producer)

1. Lead-in (Maka)

2. Taking Stock

3. Casting Couch: The Otaku 5-0 Movie

4. Favorite/Least Favorite... Super Bowl Ads

5. A Serious Conversation About... Changing Expectations In Entertainment

6. Lead-out (Mr. A)

Musical Notes
-Opening Theme: "Kefka's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
-Interstitial Clips: "I'll Do It Right!" from Naruto, "Pre-Title" from His & Her Circumstances, "Subtitle" from Full Metal Panic!
-Ending Theme: "Breach of Contract" from Ah! My Goddess!

Coming Soon...
The Otaku 5-0 Show's 100 Million BC Audio Commentary

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