Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. A's review of.....How To Train Your Dragon

The Story

Hiccup, a meek little nobody, lives in the island village of Berk which is populated by Vikings. His father, Stoick the Vast, is the village chief. Things seem pretty normal around these parts, fishing, hunting, farming....and killing dragons. Again, pretty normal considering that this village has been plagued by the fire-breathing freaks for almost seven generations. And everyone is pretty good at it...except Hiccup. That is until he nails an elusive "Night Fury" dragon using one of his odd inventions (he's like a Viking Bill Gates!). As Hiccup moves in for the kill he realizes that, even though everyone does it, he can't bring himself to kill the wounded dragon. Instead young Hiccup decides to nurse the young dragon back to health, thus forming the awesome bond that drives the rest of the film. Things go great until people start getting suspicious and the risk of getting discovered starts to run high.

The Review
To be honest, this movie has nothing to do with the book it was based on, but it's actually quite enjoyable. Dreamworks delivers again with their CG animation. The voice acting is great as always and the character designs, especially the main dragon Toothless, are incredible. The story's pretty straight-forward, but the humor makes up for it. I honestly have no gripes about this film.

The Verdict
With enough flashy colors to keep the kids entertained and a good enough plot and jokes to keep the big people happy, this is one of the greatest family films I've ever seen. And on top of that I got to see it with someone who means a lot to me who I haven't seen in a really long time.

Well that's about it. On a personal note HI, KELLIE!!! Thanks for getting the bill on this one. Next one's on me, okay?

Jaa mata,
Mr. A
(executive dragon trainer)

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