Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jam's Pick of the Week

Even though my real pick this week is God of War 3, I know that some of you don't own a Playstation 3 (boy do I love Uncharted 2!). So to stick with the theme of free to play, addictive games, this week I've chosen a series from way back when that never got the widespread acclaim it should have - the Grow series.

What the heck am I looking at??

The Grow series is presented by Eyezmaze, a game maker that aims for simple interface games across the world. The Grow series is based on one simple concept: level up. You start each game with an empty playing field or object that you must add smaller objects to. As you do, each object you added before it (assuming you ordered it in such a way that the new item affects the one before it) levels up, becoming a more advanced version of itself, slowly changing into a completely new item, or affecting the entire playing field. The trick to the game is to place objects in the right order so that at the end you have some wacky machination that barely resembles what you started out with. It's an addictive concept that makes you play over and over to get the best result, or just to see what happens when you order objects differently. When I place mountains, will I get snow-covered cliffs or a volcano? Try it and find out!

This is not going to look like a cube once you're done with it.

There are a number of different Grow games, including a special Christmas themed one where you place ornaments onto a tree (good times!). I like them for the simplicity and the fact that you never really know what's going to happen the first time you play. You can't play just once! The above games, Grow v.3 and Grow Cube, are my two favorites, and the Eyezmaze site has a bunch of different games including more from the Grow series. All in all they're fun, charming, and quirky enough to warrant multiple playthroughs.

I hope you enjoy my pick, thanks to all our fans who choose us as your daily time waster!

- Jam

DiGiorno rising crust is number one.

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Totoro said...

This was an AWESOME pick of the week, Jam! I eventually figured out the proper order after about fifteen tries, but this was a very good game!

I hope everybody gives this a try!