Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Almost Time

Hello to all our listeners! Jam here with a special pre-emptive post to remind you that we'll be back THIS WEEK (pending some horrific computer accident or invasion of some kind). Each of us has had a fun, if somewhat exhausting, holiday break, and we're refreshed and ready to entertain.

As a treat for everyone out there (and somewhat embarassingly late post by me), here is our "latest" installment of our Otaku 5-0 video segments: Cooking with Jupiter and Jam.

This video made the rounds on my Facebook (which you can find quite easily if you're sneaky enough) and stars myself, Jupiter, Mr. A on camera duties and Peeps. We didn't even plan on filming anything that day so the whole video is shot from the hip, on my Flip (hey, that rhymes). Don't mind the holiday theme at the end, it was a feel good holiday video that I finished editing about 3 days before Christmas. If you ever wanted to put a face to the voices, here they are for you to enjoy.

In our downtime we had some fun. Had a few get togethers (GTs if you will), made a few new friends and definitely got some gears turning to give you, the listener, some things to look forward to. All in due time, of course. :)

That's it from me, tune in later this week for our season premiere!

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