Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mr. A's review of...Sherlock Holmes

The Story

After capturing Lord Blackwood, a practitioner of black magic, Detective Sherlock Holmes has become rather bored with life. Coupled with the marriage engagement of his partner Dr. Watson to his fiancee Mary Morstan, Holmes is absolutely inconsolable. That is until he catches word of Lord Blackwood's rise from the grave. Reinvigorated by the news, Holmes and Watson spring into action to once again solve the unsolvable mystery.

The Review
Action packed, gorgeous locations, and classic Arthur Conan Doyle style, this movie will grantee to entertain. Downey is brilliant as Holmes, though it is hard to understand what he's saying from time to time due to his accent. Jude Law portrays an excellent Watson. Unfortunately Rachel McAdams performance shall I put this? Horrible in comparison. But overall, the film makes up for it.

The Verdict
As I said before, this is an incredible film. Even if you don't like mystery stories, this will entertain you thoroughly. The slow-motion scenes are used just enough for it to not lose it's cool factor. It's a bit hard to keep up with the sleuthing and gumshoeing, but it's all explained in the end so don't worry about it.


Well that's it. Now go plunk down $10 and go see this film.

Jaa mata,
Mr. A (Executive Gumshoe)

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