Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top 5...Dragon Ball Characters!

Howdy, everyone! And a big "Exodia" to all who are still listening to us after all this time!

In light of our last commentary we put up (as well as not submitting a contributor report yet), I figured I'd give you all my top 5 Dragon Ball characters (that aren't Goku) and list the reasons why I think they're so awesome.

I have put some thought into this just in case you're wondering...So, on with the show!

#5. Yajirobe
Okay, I know what you're thinking. "WHAT?! Why the hell is a loser like Yajirobe even on this list?!" Well, that's because out of all the characters in the DBU (Dragon Ball Universe) Yajirobe is the only human with no Ki attacks that can still hold his own against a fair amount of people, though probably not so much after the events of the Cell and Buu sagas. That and growing up as an obese person myself, I always liked it when fat people were portrayed as something other than comic-relief...though Yajirobe can crack a few jokes when need be...

#4. Trunks (Future Version)
Mysterious and enigmatic, cool clothes, and stronger than all-get-out, what teen didn't want to be Future Trunks (who we'll just call Trunks) when he first graced the screen (or pages)? Probably one of the more "emo" characters, Trunks burst into the scene cocky as hell with a power level to back it up. One of my favorites because growing up without a father, I can identify with Trunks' longing for some kind of affection from Vegeta.

#3. Piccolo
By far the "blackest" character in the DBU, Piccolo goes from mean psychotic evil-doer to just-as-mean level-headed hero and teacher to Gohan. I honestly believe that Dragon Ball Z wouldn't have been as interesting to watch without someone like Piccolo in it. Piccolo dies sacrificing himself to save someone else more times than any other character as far as I can recall and if that kind of dedication doesn't get you into this list then I don't know what will.

#2. Gohan
The DB equivalent of Luke Skywalker, Gohan goes from whiny little brat to uber master to teacher. Arguably the main character for almost all of DBZ, Gohan is a spitting image of his father, having his incredible strength as well as his love and devotion to his family. The only down side to Gohan is he does sort of puss-out at the end of Z, getting so out of practice in GT that he isn't even able to activate his hidden power that was so generously (yeah, right) unlocked thanks to Ro Kaioshin (the Elder Kai). Still, my figure of Ultimate Gohan that I bought at Toys 'n Joys more than ten years ago is still on my shelf so that's gotta say something.

#1. Krillin
That's right, you heard me, Krillin's the man. While he's short, insecure, and not as strong as the other main characters, consider this: Not only is he the third person to master the Kamehameha, he's also the originator of one of the coolest and maybe the strongest moves in the series (Kienzan, or Destructo Disk.) Krillin is a prime example of how a sidekick can grow into a hero in his own right. Yeah, we all loved Goku when we were 6 or 7 years old, but when the pressures of high school came into our lives and all the demeaning slurs were thrown our way by the jocks, preppy kids, and anyone else who didn't like us, we undoubtedly came to identify more with Krillin and his own struggle. Krillin is the best character, at least to me, because after the events in Z, he's the one who ends up with the most normal life. A loving wife, wonderful child, and a youth he can look back on and not regret a moment of it. I think deep down, we all long for something like that.

Anyways, that's my list. If you got any comments, feel free to leave them here. Who knows, I might just cosplay as Yajirobe for the next Kawaii Kon...

Jaa matta,
~Mr. A (Executive Producer)


Totoro said...

Very nice article, Mr. A!

I took the liberty of adding images of the characters on your list, but besides that, I did nothing else editorially.

Keep up the good work!

Mr. A said...

Thanks....I couldn't find any cool pictures of anyone....Well, I did, but they were pretty big. And pretty cool;.

Remy said...

All this DB content AFTER I LEAVE OAHU. What the hell. ;_;

Jupiter said...

muah hahaha