Monday, September 14, 2009

No new episode this week, But...

Aloha everybody,

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we will be unable to record an episode of Otaku 5-0 this week. But, do not despair!

I am putting the finishing touches on a trio (that's THREE) film-related feature articles that I hope will prove entertaining and informative. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to this site as they are released.

Additionally, although I have announced that we will be recording an audio commentary for Dragonball: Evolution on September 24th, I have also determined the next few movies in the commentary lineup. Here they are:

- The Rocketeer (Recording Date: October 15, 2009)
- Big Trouble In Little China (Recording Date: November 19, 2009)
- Ninja Scroll (December 17, 2009)
- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Recording Date: January 21, 2010)
- Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (Recording Date: February 18, 2010)
- My Neighbor Totoro (Recording Date: March 18, 2010)

Looks like we'll have quite a bit to keep us busy as this 2009 year comes to an end, but I would like to end this announcement on a personal note.

Last week Wednesday (9/9/09, in case you were curious), my brother and sister-in-law became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl (whom I shall nickname, "Hunny Pot"), which means that I am also a proud uncle!

Uncle Totoro & Hunny Pot

Well, that's about it for now. Please stay tuned to this site for our next podcast episode and have a great week!

~Totoro (Executive Producer)


kekumanshoyu said...

Congrats to your brother and his wife! Also to you since you're an uncle now! :)

Mr. A said...

Oh SNAP! We have yet another member of the Otaku 5-0 nation thanks to Totoro's brother and his "sharp shooting" ability!

Jupiter said...

Yay for Hunny Pot!!

Remy, from the Valley of Japanese Things said...

While it pains me to the point of epilepsy that I cannot be there for the DB:E commentary, please consider inserting this one line: "The best and worst thing about Dragonball: Evolution is that it is neither Dragonball nor a movie."