Friday, January 30, 2009

Otaku 5-0 Season 2: Episode 2

Aloha everybody!

I know it's been a while, but we've had a few minor setbacks in the scheduling area. However, I am pleased to present the next exciting episode of our podcast!

Not only is this currently the longest episode we have produced, but this is the second episode that carries a disclaimer statement (for history's sake, the first episode can be found here.) After the recording session was completed, all the panelists unanimously agreed that this episode would serve as a perfect example of what would happen if Otaku 5-0 "went extreme." Rest assured, this is probably as extreme as I'm willing to take it.

However, let me apologize in advance for any content that you (our audience) may find offensive or objectionable.

James "Totoro" Kamakahi
Creator/Executive Producer

WARNING! Portions of this podcast contain mature language and adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

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Show Notes
Otaku 5-0: Episode 2.2

Recording Date: January 29, 2009
Running Time: 83 minutes

Totoro (Moderator, Executive Producer)
Cupid (Lead Contributor)
Smilex (Guest Contributor)
Rerun (Guest Contributor)

1. Bad Joke of the Day (Cupid)

2. Lead-in (Totoro)

3. Impromptu Rant Battle: Smilex vs. Rerun

4. Least Favorite... Hayao Miyazaki movie

5. Great Debate... Pirates or Ninjas?

5. Please Produce This...

6. Sequels That We'd Like To See

7. A Serious Conversation About... Kawaii-kon (with a few horror stories added in)

8. Lead-out (Totoro)

Musical Notes
- Post-Disclaimer Theme: "Frog's Theme" from Chrono Trigger
- Opening Theme: "Kefka's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
- Interstitial Clips: "I'll Do It Right!" from Naruto, "Pre-Title" from His & Her Circumstances, "Gato's Theme" from Chrono Trigger, "Subtitle" from Full Metal Panic!, "Afternoon of Konoha" from Naruto, "Catch (boon) & "Catch (cheen)" from Ah! My Goddess OVA
- Ending Theme: "Honoruru, Hawaii" from Frank De Lima's Ethnicology 101

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kekumanshoyu said...

THANK YOU for giving Registration props! Really appreciate the comment. This year we hope to make things go faster, especially with the new system. Anyways keep up the good work!

buma said...

Yes! Registration is one of the hardest jobs there is at Kawaii Kon and they deserve major props to them. Also, about the game show, we are working on improving it, so never fear - it will be coming back better, faster, stronger, and (hopefully, not too much) harder. Sorry that Smilex will not be present to see the changes we are implementing.

Remy said...


@nt said...

Kazuhiko Kato, who draws under the pen name of "Monkey Punch," is credited as the creater of Lupin III.

Funny show, guys. ;) Remy, you will be missed.