Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr. A's review of.....Attack The Block

The Story:
Sam, an overworked nurse from Lambeth, is having a horrible night. She's far from her family, her boyfriend is halfway across the globe doing Red Cross work, and she just got mugged by five young boys.
Moses isn't having a good time either. Not having a solid home life he's turned to selling weed, shoplifting, and most recently, mugging overworked nurses from Lambeth.
But when their mugging is thwarted by what seems to be some kind of monkey, Moses and his crew take their anger out on the beast and viciously murder it.
Soon they realize that it wasn't a monkey at all, it's an alien, a weird furry alien. They also realize that maybe...just maybe...killing it wasn't such a hot idea.
With an impending alien invasion knocking at their door (literally) and a vengeful drug dealer not far behind, Moses and his crew must now team-up with Sam and the other tenants in their housing project in order to survive.
Why are these aliens hellbent on killing everyone Moses has come in contact with? Why won't anyone believe them? Will they make it out alive or will they end up alien snacks?
Look out, people, the aliens are here...and they're gonna attack the block.

The Review:
First things first, the casting is what really makes this film. Moses and the rest of the punk kids really make this movie worth watching. Each one of them brings a level of reality to the story that, in my opinion, older actors couldn't portray.
The second thing that makes this film awesome is the humor. While there isn't as much of it as I would have liked, it does break up the horror moments and allows you a bit of down time before the next jump into the freaky alien action.
Speaking of which, the alien designs are probably one of the best I've seen in a long time. I don't know if they were short of budget or if they really intended them to look they way they do, but it works for the film and it makes them all the scarier.
And speaking of scared, there wasn't as many jumpy moments in the film as you would think and the gore was pretty minimal, but I'm not a fan of those sort of things anyway so there was just enough for my taste.
I found the soundtrack a bit lacking, but it did help the humor along a few times so I suppose it can be forgiven.
And finally, even though this is Joe Cornish's first time in the director's chair, he obviously knows what he's doing.

The Verdict:
Action, aliens, humor, and horror, Attack The Block should not be missed. However, if you don't make any of those words I just gave you, please steer clear and go see something else (30 Minutes Or Less maybe?).
I personally will be seeing this film again in theaters...let's just hope this time there won't be any annoying couple talking throughout the know who you are.

Jaa mata,
Mr. A
(Executive producer)

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