Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. A's review of...The Virginity Hit

The Story
Matt is a young man growing up in New Orleans with his foster family and three best friends (foster brother Zack, Jacob, and Justin)
all of which have lost their virginity...except for Matt. But fear not, because Matt has a plan to lose it to his surprisingly hot girlfriend Nicole. All seems to be going well for our weakling of a hero until rumor spreads of Nicole's infidelity at a collage kegger. Heartbroken, his friends decide to embark on a crusade to somehow get Matt over his ho of an ex and get him laid.

The Review
Filmed in a documentary-style like Spinal Tapp and The Blair Witch Project, this film is rather jumpy at times so people who get motion sickness easily should stay away. The acting is pretty good. It feels like most of the dialogue was add-libbed by the actors giving the film a very real feeling to it. There is a hefty amount of nudity, but with the film being called "The Virginity Hit" it's not really a surprise.

The Verdict
This film is far from the greatest thing I've ever seen on film. In fact it might be downright offensive to most people, but being a young man and understanding how much emphasis there is on losing one's virginity I can find the humor. There are moments of genuine funny throughout the film (like when the four heroes try to steal a $1,700 Ralph Lauren suit) and the character development is sturdy enough to get you through the down times. If you decide to shell out money to see this make sure to take a few friends along to laugh with you.

5.5/10 without friends
6/10 with friends

Well that's about it for me. Stay tuned for some other random crap from me at some other random time.

Jaa mata,
Mr. A

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Anonymous said...

college, ad-libbed.

Thanks for the review. I was right about not wanting to see it.