Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Otaku 5-0 Season 3: Episode 13

Aloha everybody!

Since our 3rd season will soon be ending and this will be the last opportunity for us to report on specific areas of entertainment, I had decided to give more time for the next (and last) series of contributor reports before we enter our 2-month hiatus. So, we are joined on the panel by Kira (Anime & Manga Contributor) who delivers the last of his contributor reports for this season, along with Jam (Guest Contributor) who returns for his second episode.

However, I would be remiss if I did not extend my thoughts and good wishes to all of our military personnel as Veterans Day (November 11th) approaches. In particular, I would like to thank Peeps (Jupiter's husband, who is currently on deployment), Zell (Contributor-At-Large) & Gears (Contributor-At-Large) for their service to our nation.

~Totoro (Executive Producer)

WARNING! Portions of this podcast contain mature language and adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

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Show Notes
Otaku 5-0: Episode 3.13

Recording Date: November 9, 2009
Running Time: 83 minutes

Mr. A (Executive Producer)

Totoro (Executive Producer)
Jupiter (Executive Producer)
Kira (Anime & Manga Contributor)
Jam (Contributor-at-Large)

1. Pearl Of Wisdom (Jupiter)

2. Lead-in (Mr. A)

3. Anime & Manga Report (Kira, Totoro)

4. Least Favorite... TV Series

5. X Reasons Why... The Legend Of Zelda SHOULD NOT Be Developed As A Film Franchise

6. Good Sequel, Bad Sequel

7. Lead-out (Mr. A)

Musical Notes
- Post-Disclaimer Theme: "Catch (puff)" from Ah! My Goddess
- Opening Theme: "Kefka's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
- Interstitial Clips: "Subtitle" from Full Metal Panic!, " Frog's Theme" from Chrono Trigger, "I'll Do It Right!" from Naruto, "Pre-Title" from His & Her Circumstances
- Ending Theme: "Breach Of Contract" from Ah! My Goddess

Coming Soon...
Otaku 5-0's Ghostbusters 2 audio commentary & our next podcast episode!

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