Friday, August 28, 2009

It Came From YouTube, Part 3

Aloha everybody!

In a blatant effort to provide more than episodes on this site, I have decided to continue my series of articles showcasing some of my favorite YouTube clips.

1) I dislike commercials as much as anybody (and haven't you noticed that the commercial breaks get a little bit longer every year? Perhaps it just SEEMS longer) but every now and then I see one that not only makes me remember just what they're trying to advertise, but it also provides a good laugh in an otherwise bland TV-viewing experience. Here is one of my current favorites:

2) While searching for music clips to some of my favorite video games, I happened upon this little gem, using the music composition function from the classic Super Nintendo title Mario Paint. If you don't get an instant trip down memory lane while watching this clip, then you're either too young to remember stuff like this, or something might be wrong with you...

3) It should be said that I love good music, whatever its source. And after surfing YouTube one evening, I came across this old clip from the The Steve Allen Show that features a now-classic theme written by the late award-winning composer Henry Mancini. The showcased lineup of soloists include some of the premier players of their time.

4)Continuing our apparent musical theme, I found this excerpt from Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas while browsing about three months ago. Incidentally, this song is my favorite in the entire movie.

5) And we now end this installment with one of my favorite Monty Python routines ever. It's hard to believe that I first saw this 14 years ago, and it still makes me laugh today! This is what comedy it all about.

See You In Cyberspace,

~Totoro (Executive Producer)

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