Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Casting Couch: Take Four

Aloha everybody!

Since the podcast is officially on hiatus (and I have no intention to keep this site dormant until we return), I have decided to post the fourth in a series of articles about my favorite podcast topic - Casting Couch!

As you well know, this topic's premise allows myself and the other contributors to provide our "wish list" cast for a movie that has yet to be made based on an Anime/cartoon series or video game.

I would like to take you back in time to the 4th episode of Season 1 (visit here for a refresher), where the next occurrence of Casting Couch took place, centered around casting a movie based on the Anime series Cowboy Bebop.

This installment was a lot of fun. Myself, Cupid & Jupiter submitted our casting choices with a straight live-action movie adaptation of the Anime in mind. Cetic, on the other hand (who was actually a member of the audience but wanted to chime in and offer his picks) envisioned a "live-action Anime" type of movie, with an on-screen actor providing the character's physical performance and another actor providing the character's voice. Needless to say, he stole the segment.

Producer's Note: In each principal character's "Original Performer" slot, I will name that character's Japanese and English voice actors.

And so, without further adieu... .

Role: Spike Spiegel
Original Performers: Koichi Yamadera (Japanese voice), Steven Blum (English voice)
Our Suggestions: Ryan Reynolds (Cupid), Ray Park w/ voice of Will Smith (Cetic), Keanu Reeves (Jupiter), Neil Patrick Harris (Totoro)

Role: Jet Black
Original Performers: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese voice), Beau Billingslea (English voice)
Our Suggestions: Bruce Willis (Cupid), Ken Watanabe w/ voice of Tom Hanks (Cetic), Kris Kristofferson (Jupiter), Michael Chiklis (Totoro)

Role: Faye Valentine
Original Performers: Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese voice), Wendee Lee (English voice)
Our Suggestions: Kristin Kreuk or Angelina Jolie (Cupid), Sora Aoi w/ voice of Angelina Jolie (Cetic), Summer Glau (Jupiter), Dita von Teese or Carrie-Anne Moss (Totoro)

Role: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
Original Performers: Aoi Tada (Japanese voice), Melissa Fahn (English voice)
Our Suggestions: Neil Patrick Harris (Cupid), A younger Shia LaBeouf (Cetic), A younger Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen or Freddie Highmore (Jupiter), A younger Macaulay Culkin (Totoro)

I would like to thank you very much for taking this trip down memory lane with me. Happy Holidays to you all and please stay tuned to this site for our second season!

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