Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Casting Couch: Take Three

Hey everybody!

I present the third in a series of articles covering my favorite podcast topic - Casting Couch!

First, let me take you back to last month, where we recorded a "Bonus" episode of the podcast for subscribers to our (now-defunct) mailing list. That episode featured an installment of Casting Couch where the panelists (myself, Neko-X and Cetic) formulated a wish-list cast for a movie version of the perennial NES classic, Punch-Out! (Yes, we know that Mike Tyson's Punch Out! actually came out first, but we decided NOT to give that psycho any more attention than he deserves.)

On another note, after taking a look at the game's overall plot, we decided that this would be a great opportunity to actually cast a FRANCHISE of films based around this title. So, for this installment, we opted to limit the cast list only to the game's MINOR CIRCUIT opponents.

Let's take a look at what we came up with...

- The Protagonists -

Little Mac - The Hero
Totoro: Elijah Wood
Neko-X: Jake Gyllenhaal
Cetic: Tobey Maguire

"Doc" Louis - The Mentor
Totoro: Cedric The Entertainer
Neko-X: Martin Lawrence
Cetic: Robert Downey Jr.

- The Opponents -

Glass Joe - The Born Loser
Totoro: Owen Wilson
Neko-X: Michael McDonald
Cetic: George Clooney

Von Kaiser - The Second Fiddle
Totoro: Vinnie Jones
Neko-X: Thomas Lennon
Cetic: Gary Oldman

Piston Honda - The Tokyo Express
Totoro: Jackie Chan
Neko-X: ---
Cetic: Ace Yonamine

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me. Stay tuned to this site for more episodes and feature articles as our inaugural season continues!

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