Friday, September 26, 2008

Casting Couch: A Second Look

Hey everybody!

Since this website is now caught up to our most current episode, I thought it a nice opportunity to take a topic or point of discussion from a previous episode that deserves a more in-depth look.

For this article, I will go back to the first episode of our podcast, where we introduced Casting Couch, a topic where myself and the other contributors list our preferred actors/actresses for a particular movie that has yet to be made. Besides trying to be entertaining, this topic was actually a comment on the current state of entertainment that continually produces new versions of older films.

The first movie that we approached was a remake of Ghostbusters (perhaps a bit of a sacrilege, as the original cast for that movie worked so well.) Listed below are the roles that we included, along with the original actors and our suggestions for replacements should that film be remade.

Role: Dr. Peter Venkman
Original Actor: Bill Murray
Our Suggestions: Adam Sandler (Cupid), George Clooney (Cetic) & Jack Black (Totoro)

Role: Dr. Egon Spengler
Original Actor: Harold Ramis
Our Suggestions: Ben Stiller (Cupid), Matt Damon (Cetic) & James Franco (Totoro)

Role: Dr. Ray Stantz
Original Actor: Dan Aykroyd
Our Suggestions: Brendan Fraser (Cupid), Brad Pitt (Cetic) & Ewan McGregor (Totoro)

Role: Winston Zeddemore
Original Actor: Ernie Hudson
Our Suggestions: Tyrese Gibson (Cupid), Robert Downey Jr. (Cetic) & Will Smith (Totoro)

Well, there you have it. Like it or not, those suggestions were entirely our own, and we don't expect them to be taken seriously. Feel free to send in your ideas for actors you'd like to see in those roles at

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with us. Stay tuned to this website for more episodes and articles.

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